BLIN DATA ROOM features:
why are we different?

Managing the Virtual Data Room

Unlimited users, unlimited data
BLIN DATA ROOM allows you to load all documents in a quick and easy way. There are no limits concerning the number of users. You create as many users as you need. Everyone is given a specific role, skills and credentials (personal username and password, including OTP and Two-Factor Authentication features).

No plug-ins or apps: the only thing you need is a browser
BLIN DATA ROOM is accessed through a browser, there is no need to install anything. You can use any device (PC, tablet, or smartphone) and any browser. Only enabled users can change configurations, upload documents (including bulk upload) and make reports. As for file format, the PDF one format is recommended for security and ease of use, but if you load documents in Word format, our software automatically converts them to PDF.

Access control and user profiling
Access to documents and data depends on role. Enabled users can give  customized permissions to other users and monitor all accesses. You can use traditional credentials – username and password, but it is also possibile to enable the Two-Factor Authentication (Multi-factor Authentication) and security-relevant actions are chronologically logged in the Audit Trail system.

Advanced document management
BLIN DATA ROOM is not a simple document repository. It is an online platform that allows you to use advanced content management features. It includes documents versioning and it allows you to add watermarks to the documents. Data security is guaranteed by electronic data encryption (AES-128-CTR) as well as business continuity and disaster recovery.

Enhanced security management
The system allows you to use the most appropriate security policies, on a case-by-case basis. It is possibile to block printing, to locally save and share features for each document or user. Security-relevant actions are logged chronologically in the Audit Trail system.

Using the Virtual Data Room

Easy and fast
You can access BLIN DATA ROOM using the device you prefer: tabet or PC, it makes no difference. Searching for documents and reports is very easy thanks to the intuitive organization of information. You only see the documents you are allowed to see, through role-based access control. No computer skills and no specific training are required: if you can use your tablet or PC, you can easily use our VDR.

Quick search 
Our advanced full-text search is very fast. You can find the data you need inside the documents in a few seconds. Documents are organized in folders and categories (the read/unread) to optimize your time. You can also check which documents you have already consulted.

A software that meets your needs
You can access the Virtual Data Room in the language you prefer, it is multi-language. The PDF file format is  recommended for security issues but if you have Word files to upload our software can automatically convert them to PDF. Do you want to use folders to make searching and consultation easier? There’s no problem.

A constant support is available
BLIN DATA ROOM is easy to use and  has a Q&A feature too. Specific documentation is at your disposal. There are also discussion features: you can write your questions, then, designated users answer (in a public or private way). If you need a help, we provide support according to the SLA agreed with the company.

Keep your data protected
As you open a document and instant decryption phase occurs. You only see the content you have access to, time losses can be avoided and documents are kept safe and only if you have the right permissions you can print or share files.