If you need a secure, customized and easy-to-use Virtual Data Room, this is the solution you need

A Virtual Data Room must provide three concrete benefits: a safe platform for document sharing; a customized service designed to meet your needs; an easy-to-use solution to find data as quickly as possible. BLIN DATA ROOM has been designed and developed by X DataNet to meet these needs.

If you are a manager or a financial/legal advisor, you can use BLIN DATA ROOM to have a safe and always available platform where confidential data can be gathered enabling you to make decisive evaluations. Data can be consulted online, and you can read dedicated reports too. Users share a large number of confidential documents with specific purchasers involved in M&A transactions, tenders and IPOs, typically during a due diligence. This online platform allows experts in various disciplines to consult data, while minimizing critical issues (loss of time, resources, opportunities, etc.).

An online platform where
security is the main priority

In a globalized world, instant data sharing is one of the main priorities in our busy life. With our software, user can access one single platform using their laptops or tablets.

During delicate activities such as M&A, IPO, fundraising or private placements, data protection must be the top priority. BLIN DATA ROOM offers a safe and easy-to-use platform where you can always find up-to-date data.

BLIN DATA ROOM has been developed to be the safest platform for data sharing (security by design). In this regard, it must be clear that phone calls and emails including confidential documentation or simple repositories do not guarantee information protection. This software has a role-based access control and customizable permissions. Users must use their personal credentials – username and password – to access and, if needed, also the Two-Factor Authentication is available. BLIN DATA ROOM provides high levels of data security through advanced encryption features (AES-128-CTR), as well as a business continuity and disaster recovery.

The system allows you to define the most appropriate security policies, case-by-case. At the configuration level, you can allow or deny the printing, saving and sharing of documents. Each document can be customized with watermarks according to users’ or document’s status (draft, confidential, etc.). BLIN DATA ROOM includes the Audit Trail feature for the monitoring of all security-relevant actions, which are chronologically registered in the system audit log.

A Virtual Data Room
designed for your needs

A Virtual Data Room is an ad hoc environment that must be available for a short amount of time (months or few years). BLIN DATA ROOM is versatile and can meet various needs. Using BLIN DATA ROOM, you have access to a single platform for every project (M&A, IPO, tender, fundraising and more). You can consult the documents you need to make important decisions.

Usually, if you need a Data Room, time is your priority. Therefore, training time must be reduced as much as possible. BLIN DATA ROOM has been developed to be easy to use and meet your needs. The solution is multilingual and adapts to the language of each user. It has Q&A features and the specific documentation is at your disposal. Through group discussions, you can ask questions to which recipients respond (either in a public or private way). If you need a help, we provide support according to the SLA agreed with the company.

Technical interventions that may be required are always executed remotely in order to minimize the response time. You can organize the documents in folders and distinguish one from the other using categories (or read/not read) to optimize the time.

An intuitive online platform
to get what you want

“How can I access BLIN DATA ROOM?” you may ask. The answer is simple: using your PC or your tablet. You can use BLIN DATA ROOM features without having to download any plug-in or app. The only thing you need is a browser. Users only see the digital documents they are allowed to read, using the device they prefer. They can always consult up-to-date data which is available 24/7. Finally, no more time-wasting phone calls and emails with urgent requests.

BLIN DATA ROOM combines the highest levels of information security with a remarkable ease of use. Searching for content, documents or reports is very easy thanks to data organization. In addition, the service does not require any specific computer skill or long days of training; if you can use your PC or your tablet, you’re ready to use it.

Advanced full-text search is very efficient. This feature allows you to quickly find the data you are looking for inside a dozen of PDF files. The PDF file format is recommended for security issues, but in case you have a Word format file, no problem, our solution automatically converts it to a PDF file.

A specialized software made
by experts

BLIN DATA ROOM is an X DataNet software. We are an Italian IT company with a significant know-how in developing secure and collaborative solutions for confidential data handling.

X DataNet provides solutions for sensitive activities. As an example, a lot of Italian large companies use our Board Management Software – CDA ON BOARD – to manage their Board of Directors and the Executive Committees. Moreover, we support a lot of banks (listed and non-listed) in their shareholders’ meetings with very specialized voting solutions (online portals, electronic votes, paper ballots scanning). Our 20+ years of experience in data management and security issues form an integral part of BLIN DATA ROOM software.